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  • photo from Tumblr

    The pinball repairman was pushing my dad to overhaul his Dr. Who pinball machine to use fancy new LED lights instead of the originals, but my Dad isn’t interested, he wants the retro feel. But when I see pictures like this I can see why people like LEDs and other lighting modifications on their tables.


  • onthehighwaytomel:

    I was wishing to feel a little more awake in order to knock out this homework I’ve been putting off…and then a mouse decides to come out from behind my refrigerator not once, but twice, which simultaneously scared the crap out of me and made me extremely unwilling to close my eyes

    Sometimes the universe has a cruel sense of humor

    (If you guys have any tips on how to humanely get rid of mice though I’d really appreciate it)

    If you figure it out let me know. I was using a have-a-heart trap and then planning to take the mice to a park and release them, but I ran into a problems with my first mouse:

    1) I couldn’t find a big enough park. All of the parks near my apartment are small and lacking in wilderness where a mouse could live without bothering people. There was one large park but it was made entirely out of sports fields.

    2) I gave up and just let the mouse out in a construction site. A woman walking by saw me and complained loudly, saying “it’s going to infest the neighborhood!” So if you’re worried about negative interactions with people be aware of the possibility.

    3) Some brief internet research brought up a PETA article claiming that you should let the mouse loose no more than 100 yards away from where it started because it won’t know where to find food, shelter, etc. if you drop it somewhere strange. The problem with this advice is that the place it knows how to find food is in my apartment! The article suggests that dropping a house mouse in the country is as good as killing it, it’s a city mouse (kind of like me, according to the Chinese zodiac). So I’m not sure that deporting the mice is much better than killing them. But who knows if PETA’s advice is accurate?